The intent of this project is to provide a safe pedestrian connection along Irvine Street (SR-885) between Hazelwood Avenue and Greenfield Avenue. Sidewalk, curb, and ADA ramps will be reconstructed on the east side of Irvine Street to provide a connection between the neighborhoods of Hazelwood and Greenfield, a strong desire of these communities.

Please share any additional feedback, questions, or comments for the Irvine Street Critical Sidewalk Gaps Project..

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21 November, 2021

lzurowski says:

“This will make the walk easier! :-) Will the design control for the greenery/weeds and hillside erosion that dumps dirt onto the sidewalk?”

21 November, 2021

mgmiller says:

“Irvine is flat, a good place for walking to or from work or just continuous free exercise without the laborious hills of both communities. ”

20 November, 2021

Lamont says:

“In my use of a manual Wheelchair what are my expectations or risks of this being a safe mode to travel?”