The intent of this project is to provide a safe pedestrian connection along Irvine Street (SR-885) between Hazelwood Avenue and Greenfield Avenue. Sidewalk, curb, and ADA ramps will be reconstructed on the east side of Irvine Street to provide a connection between the neighborhoods of Hazelwood and Greenfield, a strong desire of these communities.

Below is a link to a presentation summarizing and explaining the plans for this project.

Please share any additional feedback, questions, or comments for the Irvine Street Critical Sidewalk Gaps Project..

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19 December, 2021

Stef says:

I think the project is great and long-needed! SO MUCH time/money have been spent on the ridiculous MOC, ignoring the needs of residents.

7 December, 2021

MelPacker says:

Money from the unneeded MOC must be spent to construct a sidewalk on Irvine St. It's a vital need for the safety of residents.

7 December, 2021

EmilyD says:

This is wonderful. Thank goodness the city has money that was to be used for the MOC and can be reallocated to a real need on Irvine St.

6 December, 2021

Irene S says:

Pls move project to construction. Residents have waited too long for this needed safety project. Use MOC $$ which is unwanted & destructive

6 December, 2021

dean bog says:

Please use funding from the Mon Oakland connector project to build these sidewalks and bike lanes. Thank you

4 December, 2021

RayG says:

Funds set aside for the Never-Gonna-Happen MOC roadway should be used to fund the much needed sidewalk improvements along Irvine street.

3 December, 2021

Janice says:

For the sake of protecting lives a sidewalk is vital, not optional with trains bikes scooters vehicles a pedestrian walk is a necessity.

3 December, 2021

MaryD says:

A sidewalk to allow safe pedestrian mobility in this neighborhood is an urgent need for actual residents. Use MOC funds!

3 December, 2021

hmullphoto says:

Immediately re-designate funds from the failed Mon-Oakland Connector scheme to pay for this sidewalk project. It's absurd to wait longer.

3 December, 2021

Zig says:

We need sidewalks on Irvine, not "design." The dangers to all travelers are not theoretical. If no $ for repair, use $ from MOC budget.

3 December, 2021

Bram says:

Use the unspent money leftover from the cancelled Schenley Park Tech Road which will never be built, to actually fund sidewalk construction.

3 December, 2021

PeopleBeforeCars says:

Curious if this is to convert the unnecessary, extra lane of traffic to sidewalk, to calm traffic and avoid the walking-on-a-highway feel