What is the Community Visioning Study?

A community visioning study is process where all residents, business owners, property owners or concerned citizens come together to identify a unified vision for their neighborhood. In the case of the Lincoln, Lemington and Belmar (LLB) community, this will identify the unique assets and opportunities that make LLB feel like HOME. Through identification of this unified vision, the community will be provided with an overarching vision for which all revitalization and reinvestment actions can focus around.

The proposed scope of work will empower the local residents and community representatives to become community champions, upholding the values and virtues that the LLB community personifies. We are pleased to work with the local planning firm, E. Holdings, Inc., to develop a community vision plan for the LLB community. Their team will be in the community gathering input and talking with individuals. If you see one of their staff, feel free to stop and give your feedback about your community.

The East Hills Community Visioning Study is about improving things for all parts of the East Hills community. Whether you live, work, study, or play in the East Hills, we want to hear from you.

Your input is essential to the planning process. Staff and the Steering Committee will use your input to help in developing parts of the Visioning Plan.

  • Input collected during the visioning process will inform the creation of a shared vision statement and help to develop goals for the plan and the future of the East Hills community.
  • Any information collected during any type of community engagement or input process is never shared or sold to any third party.

In order to maintain equitable public input and keep everyone safe and healthy, the City of Pittsburgh and E. Holdings, Inc. will be following all social distancing and mask wearing guidelines. Surveys and input excersises will also be available online and for extended periods of time to accomodate anyone who wishes to participate.