As this project is in the early stages of preliminary design, public outreach is currently initiating and will continue through the design process.

Smithfield Street is one of the most prominent streets in Downtown Pittsburgh. With multiple public and private projects on and near Smithfield Street either in progress or scheduled to begin soon, this work will complement the continued investment in the Downtown core and will set and update templates and standards for construction within the Central Business District.

DOMI is initiating the full-depth reconstruction of the Smithfield Street corridor with the portion between Forbes Avenue and Sixth Avenue. This project will fully reconstruct the street and sidewalk, from building face to building face, and will include the following within its scope of work:

  • Full depth pavement reconstruction
  • Sidewalk and curb replacement
  • Sidewalk widening and curb realignment
  • Street Lighting upgrades
  • Signal updates
  • Storm system updates
  • Streetscaping
  • Vault investigation and repairs
  • Trolley track removal
  • Pavement markings
  • Associated miscellaneous construction