In cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the City of Pittsburgh is preparing for a pilot program with archery-controlled hunts in Frick and Riverview Parks during the 2023-2024 deer archery season.

Interested archers can enter into a lottery system from which 30 archers will be selected. All selected archers must pass a criminal background check and fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Allegheny County (priority will be given to City of Pittsburgh residents)
  • Have a clean criminal background check, including a clean PA Game Commission record.
  • Have purchased a 2B Antlerless Tag (or plan to do so)

Upon passing a criminal background check, the selected archers will be required to attend an accuracy test. If the accuracy test is passed, each hunter will be assigned a Hunter ID number and a specific location within Frick or Riverview Park where they are permitted to hunt.

Program stipulations:

  • There is a zero-tolerance policy. Any hunter who violates the guidelines outlined in this program or commits a game-law felony will result in immediate expulsion from the program
  • Every archer is REQUIRED to take a doe first. This doe must be donated to a food bank program, such as Hunters Sharing the Harvest
  • Absolutely no gutting is allowed on-site