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What is the NED Grant?

The Neighborhood Economic Development or NED grant is for organizations that want to prevent economic decline and promote growth in their neighborhood.

There are two types of NED grants, and one application to apply for both. All applicants will be considered for the General NED Grant, smaller organizations should consider the Capacity Building Grant as well:

General NED Grant

Capacity Building NED Grant

  • Grant Award: Up to $40,000

  • Term: One year (July 2022-June 2023)

  • Applicants: Organizations of any size

  • Projects funded: Economic development in CDBG-eligible neighborhoods
  • Grant Award: Up to $50,000 annually

  • Term: Four, one year terms

  • Applicants: Smaller organizations (>$75,000 in revenue and expenses each annually)

  • Projects funded: Economic development in CDBG-eligible neighborhoods

General NED: Provide operating support for organizations facilitating or developing housing and/or commercial development in CDBG-eligible areas of the City of Pittsburgh. Applicants can request up to $40,000 grants for a one year term. If your organization has applied for a NED grant in the past, it was through this program.

Capacity Building NED Grant: For smaller organizations engaging in economic development in their communities. Eligible organizations have averaged less than $75,000 in expenses and revenue annually. The organization awarded this grant will receive up to $50,000 per year for four years as long as they meet program milestones. Awardees will also receive technical assistance to help grow the organization. Only one organization will receive this award. Applicants eligible for the Capacity Building grant will automatically be considered for General NED grant as well, but will only be awarded the greater of the two—not both.

FAQ: How do we calculate the Capacity Building Grant limit for annual revenue and expenses?

We will ask for the annual total revenue and expenses in the past three fiscal years to find an average. Those total revenue and total expenses should be the same reported to the IRS in your organization’s tax returns.

Eligibility Requirements

NED Grants Can Fund the Following Activities:

  • Acquisition and Disposition of Real Estate
  • Rehab of Commercial Building(s)
  • Develop Affordable Housing
  • Project Management of Housing Rehab
  • Predevelopment Costs for Housing Rehab
  • Neighborhood Planning That Leads To The Selection Of Development Sites
  • Small Business Technical Assistance
  • Eviction Prevention and Renter Counseling
  • Capacity Building

​Eligible Organizations Must:

  • Have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status
  • Have no outstanding financial liabilities with the City of Pittsburgh, or demonstrate an approved payment plan
  • Have current general liability insurance
  • Serve a CDBG-eligible City of Pittsburgh neighborhood serving primarily low- to moderate-income residents (see map of CDBG-eligible census tracts)
  • Obtain a Unique Entity ID (see details below)
  • Capacity Building Grant only: Have less than $75,000 in organization’s expenses and less than $75,000 in revenue averaged over 3 years

FAQ: What is a Unique Entity ID?

This year the Federal Government requires all entities doing business with the federal government use the Unique Entity ID (UEI) created in As a reminder, the NED grant is funded by federal funds. If your organization applied to the City in the past you may have a DUNS number, the UEI is replacing DUNS.

Organizations can get a UEI from—a U.S. Government website. There is no cost to get a UEI, any organization that is charging you for a UEI is not associated with the City of Pittsburgh or the U.S. Government. When you go to, you will have the option to register your organization. Your organization does not need to complete the full registration process to receive NED funding.

This video guides you through the process to obtain a UEI.

Application Process

Two Rounds to the Process

1st Round/Apply: Organizations will have until August 26, 2022 to submit their online application.

2nd Round/Presentation: Applicants that have submitted eligible projects will be invited to make a presentation to the NED Advisory Committee in September. These presentations are followed by questions from Committee members. This year the presentations will be conducted online.

​Selection Process

The NED Advisory Committee will review all of the NED grant applicants. This committee consists of representatives from City Council, Department of City Planning, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Mayor’s Office and experts in economic development.

Community Development staff have worked with the NED Advisory Committee to create a scoring rubric to judge each organization’s application and presentation. The NED Advisory Committee will score applicants and make a recommendation to City Council. City Council will make the final decision on NED awards.

​Scoring Rubric

Applicants should review the Scoring Rubric to make sure their application and presentation meet the criteria.

Want to Learn More?

Informational Video

Watch this video for an overview of the 2022 NED grant. You will learn about grant eligibility requirements, and application process.

Q & A Sessions

The Community Development team hosted two virtual sessions to answer questions about the application process.

1. Wednesday, August 3, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Capacity Building Focus)

2. Friday, August 5, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

If you missed these sessions please watch the informational video above. You can email questions to: <>.