We Need Your Input!


The City will hold public needs hearings at the times and locations noted in the timeline. The hearings are being held at various locations to provide all City residents with ample opportunity to attend and comment. Interested persons only need to attend one of the public hearings at the most convenient location.

Please note that social distancing will be practiced. Participants may be asked to wear a mask based on building policy.

All locations are accessible to the handicapped. Persons requiring special accommodations or bilingual services can make arrangements by contacting Mr. Whitney Finnstrom, Senior Manager, Community Development 414 Grant Street, Room 501, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. The phone number is (412) 255-2211, email is Whitney.Finnstrom@pittsburghpa.gov

Based on last year’s funding, the City of Pittsburgh anticipates it will be notified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that it is eligible to receive the following entitlement grants in the following approximate amounts: $14,000,000 for CDBG; $2,300,000 for HOME; $1,200,000 for ESG; and $1,200,000 for HOPWA. These funding levels are contingent upon the final approval of the Federal Budget for FY 2022 by Congress. The City doesn’t anticipate notice of its funding allocation until the Spring of 2022. In order to receive those funds, the City of Pittsburgh must prepare a One Year Annual Action Plan for the use of Federal funds.

Public Needs Hearings