What is the Public Service Grant?

This grant can fund a wide variety of projects that serve Pittsburgh residents with low to moderate incomes. Awarded projects typically provide direct services to vulnerable populations.

The Public Service grant has funded projects such as food pantries, youth programs, job training, career counseling, literacy programs, senior activity programs, and more.

The City is no longer accepting applications for the 2022 Public Service grant. To be notified when next year’s application is released, sign up for our emails at https://pittsburghpa.gov/omb/cdbg-signup

Application Submitted. What’s Next?

The Office of Management and Budget – Community Development team is reviewing all applications for eligibility. We hope to go through all the applications in May. After we check for eligibility, we send the applications to each City Council office and the Mayor’s Office for their review.

Each City Council office and the Mayor’s Office have their own review process for applications and make award decisions based on their criteria. The Community Development office expects that elected officials will make their grant determinations in June and officially legislate those decisions in July.

Applicants should keep visiting this webpage for the latest information on the review process.

How Can I Get Ready for Next Year’s Application?

Be sure to sign up for the Community Development email list to be notified for next year’s application: https://pittsburghpa.gov/omb/cdbg-signup

Community Development created a video explaining the 2022 Public Service grant application. Even though this video talks about the 2022 application process, it still provides a good overview for organizations that want to apply for the Public Service grant in the future.

Have a question? Email community.development@pittsburghpa.gov