Project Description

The City of Pittsburgh will facilitate the conversion of 37,000 HPS cobrahead fixtures to LED. These modern LED fixtures will be more energy-efficient, have longer life spans, and produce better light quality than typical HPS fixtures. With this project, the City aims to reduce energy use, energy & maintenance costs, and comply with the City's Dark Skies ordinance.

Project Design

The Efficiency Network (TEN), who won the award to design the City's LED conversion in August 2023, and collaboration from City staff, spent a year planning and designing a full city wide conversion project. The goal was to ensure it was equitable and designed to the latest industry lighting standards. The design tasks also included other deliverables like updates to the streetlight code, public engagement to keep city residents updated, evaluating a Network Lighting Management System, & more.

With a NLMS in place, we would be able to control the streetlights by dimming or enhancing the illuminance on every single cobrahead fixture. It would also give us the opportunity to have better maintenance response times with a reporting/monitoring feature capability.


Construction of the conversion is expected to last two years. Updated information, scheduling, and a progress tracker map can be found on the project website PGHLED.ORG