Riverlife, a nonprofit committed to improving the city's riverfronts, is investing more than $2 million in design and engineering to create accessible walkways leading to the historic West End Bridge.

The West End Bridge is the first crossing over the Ohio River just downstream from the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The bridge is the western-most portion of a 15-mile loop of trails and open spaces around Pittsburgh’s downtown. This key effort is part of a larger project which aims to connect the West End and Manchester communities to each other, the waterfront and the City of Pittsburgh.

The project aims to connect neighborhoods in the West End and North Side to each other and to Pittsburgh's riverfronts. This project is a collaborative effort between the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), and other partners, supported by the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County's Trail Development Fund. Riverlife has partnered with architects El Dorado and a multidisciplinary team of experts for this transformational project. The team needs your input to make it a success!

3/13 Public Meeting II

On Mar 13, Riverlife and El Dorado presented preferred designs for the proposed access structures at the West End Bridge, utilizing public comment to inform direction and goal setting. You can watch the full dialogue in the Youtube video. Please take a few minutes to offer any additional feedback by answering the four-question survey below.

12/4 Public Meeting I

On Feb 21, Manchester Citizens Corporation hosted an action packed community meeting detailing plans in various development phases spanning from the Kamin Science Center to the Esplanade Project just down stream of the West End Bridge.

Riverlife has been working across partnerships and was honored to be part of the lineup of such an action-packed agenda. Riverlife and our architect El Dorado presented the current preferred designs of the accessible structures to connect the West End Bridge to the river path below. You can watch the full meeting in this link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=410965984679996.