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There are some short survey questions and a "spending" exercise that would be helpful for us to identify the highest priorities for each park.

Armstrong Park

Ormsby Park

Public Feedback and Survey Results

Themes we heard:

  • People love this park! Having the park near the recreation center and library makes it a destination.
  • Many people said they walk or take transit
  • Parking can be an obstacle
  • Lots of concern about speeding and the intersections near the park
  • Need for traffic calmingand better border/boundary around park from playground
  • Refresh/update the playground equipment and recreational facilities
  • Pool could use more shade, seating
  • Need consistent bathroom access and changing room for pool.

Themes we heard:

  • Need consistent bathroom access
  • The spray feature needs to be majorly improved, since the sunflower doesn’t turn off and ground below it is slippery and dangerous.
  • Contention around use of field as dog park.
  • Many people want to see a designated dog park, but the City policies won’t support a smaller area with that sanctioned use.
  • More seating
  • Horseshoes pits are not used.
  • Basketball tournaments are a big deal, ensure updates support that programming
  • Court isn’t lined for regulation tennis or pickleball, makes it difficult to use for anything.
  • High fencing around perimeter impacts getting to and through the park
  • Baseball diamond isn’t used frequently, many commented that the field would be better if broken up to provide some more walking paths, trees, etc., while keeping a somewhat large useable portion for more open play

Notes from attendees at Ormsby Halloween event.

Site tour with City staff

December public meeting