Upcoming Community Engagement

Saturday, Sept 18th from 11 am-4 pm

The Urban Conga will be on the left side of the Highland Park Entry Garden to hear your thoughts on Highlands Park to help drive their concept for the Art in the Park. This will be an opportunity for people to stop in and share with them your thoughts about the past, present, and future of the park and community. Participatory design is a key component in their work and they would love your participation to help create a piece of artwork that represents the Highlands Park community. They would love it if you stopped by and said hi and shared your thoughts!

The Urban Conga

The Urban Conga is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. They are made up of a diverse group of creatives focused on sparking community activity and social interaction through open-ended play. They achieve this by working with communities to create inclusive, engaging, and site-specific work that sparks creativity, exploration, and free-choice learning within the built environment.