The Urban Conga

The Urban Conga is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. They are made up of a diverse group of creatives focused on sparking community activity and social interaction through open-ended play. They achieve this by working with communities to create inclusive, engaging, and site-specific work that sparks creativity, exploration, and free-choice learning within the built environment

More information on Highland Park can be found here.

Together is the final design for the artwork developed off the feedback and conversations with the Highland Park community and surrounding areas. Together is designed to serve as a playable communal platform for people to listen, learn, and connect with one another around the past, present, and future of the park and surrounding area. The work will sit between the Highland Park pool and Lake Carnegie. This area was highlighted by the community as an area in the park that is often used by different demographics of people participating in a variety of activities that don’t necessarily engage with one another. The piece is designed to serve as a connector not only between the physical spaces but between the people utilizing these spaces. This area of the park has a long history of social connection and divide with it being one of the first integrated pools in Pittsburgh and one of the most diversely used parks in the city. The artwork becomes a multifunctional landmark that utilizes different open-ended play methodologies to break down social barriers and begin to connect people with each other and the park itself. It becomes not just a visual piece but a functional additive component for the park, providing a way of discovery and exploration as well as a destination.

The planned installation of Together will take place in late September of 2022.

Together sculpture
Together plan


At each Art in Parks location, local storytellers created works to document and expand the narrative of the artists. Check out their work here!

As the work begins to move towards being built, we would still love to hear your feedback and comments to help better the work to be something you and the rest of the community using the park are proud of and enjoy.

This project received a RADical ImPAct Grant from the Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD).