Pittsburgh's City Energy Strategy:

Final Draft for Public Comment

Based on feedback from the City of the Future conference, the Department of City Planning created Pittsburgh's first municipal energy strategy. The Pittsburgh Energy strategy was developed to establish a framework to integrate greenhouse gas reduction considerations into the Department of City Planning’s project review processes.

The Energy Strategy plan lays out a four-year scope of work with a planned two-year midpoint review. It also addresses the necessity of structural incentives in the development process. The tools identified in this framework include a performance points system for buildings, transparent utility consumption data, asset coordination, improved governance, management structures and leading by example through city operational assets. This strategy intends to take a collaborative approach to define short- and long-term actions that will help the City reach its goals outlined in the Climate Action Plan. It presents existing energy-related plans and fuses them with city goals by presenting them through an urban land use, planning and development lens.

In an effort to facilitate collaboration, the final draft has been made available for review and public comment. After its initial publication, the strategy will act as a living document and continue to evolve alongside the City's goals and developmental aspirations.