The City of Pittsburgh's Public History, Art, & Design Division (PHAD) is creating an Advisory Committee to aid in an audit of the City of Pittsburgh’s collection of monuments, memorials, and historical and modern art.

Nominate yourself or someone else for this committee using the form at the bottom of this page!

The City of Pittsburgh’s public art collection contains over 160 permanent and limited-term artworks, monuments, and memorials. The audit will assess the collection with a focus on identifying inequity and bias within the objects, histories, and practices of the City’s public art narrative.

The collection was formed over the past two centuries, alongside a national history of structural bias and racism that has often elevated a single cultural narrative at the expense of others. The result is that many of the objects in our public spaces are not representative of the broad range of lived experiences and perspectives that exist within the population. In some cases, what is on public display may be representative of values and narratives that are harmful or exclusionary.

The City of Pittsburgh wishes to examine the works in its collection to identify objects that misrepresent the stories and histories of the members of its communities, past and present, as well as to determine areas where future public art programs may increase representation and equitable storytelling.

Learn more about the Equity Audit process here.

The role of the Advisory Committee will be to help define the criteria which will be used by the Audit Researcher, give perspectives and feedback regarding the audit process, and review research findings to identify and/or confirm items for priority assessment. The time commitment for this role will be approximately eight hours, including three to four scheduled meetings. An honorarium of $500.00 will be provided to those members for whom this work is outside of their regular employment.

Following the nomination period, invitations to serve on the Advisory Committee will be made by the Department of City Planning.