Section view of proposed alterations to the road.

The City of Pittsburgh's Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is updating the Penn Ave cycle track downtown from Point State Park to 11th. This project includes repaving and updates to the cycle track's protective elements and pavement markings.

Updates to the parking and loading lane on the North curb will be made to improve loading, including the addition of two Smart Loading Zones. Further details about these changes can be found in the tabs below.

Current Conditions

Streetview image of current conditions on Penn Ave.

Current condition of the Penn Ave cycle track downtown.

Overview of Loading Changes

As part of the Penn Ave Cycle Track Upgrades, staff also evaluated the curb uses on the northern side of Penn Ave to determine where additional loading can be added and have proposed multiple changes to the curb uses on Penn Ave, as detailed in the map and chart below. The goal of these changes is to provide drivers, both of commercial deliveries and short-term pick-up/drop-off activities, better access to loading zones. In reallocating long-term parking and vehicle storage for more efficient loading areas, we expect to see a decrease in illegally parked commercial vehicles loading out of travel lanes and bike lanes.

Proposed Loading Changes

Existing Loading Conditions