Project Overview

East Ohio Street is a busy pedestrian, vehicle, and truck corridor that connects historic Deutschtown and surrounding northside neighborhoods to river crossings, other neighborhoods, as well as State Route 28 and Interstate 279.

Extending from Cedar Avenue and Allegheny Commons Park in the west to Chestnut Street in the east, this bustling corridor is a popular dining and retail center that attracts residents of Deutschtown and surrounding neighborhoods, while also drawing visitors from around the region.

What to Expect from this Project:

The Planning Bureau of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is preparing a corridor streetscape improvement along East Ohio Street. These improvements are intended to provide a safer experience for pedestrians and transit riders along the corridor.

This project will:

  • Identify pedestrian safety, transit access, and streetscape improvements along East Ohio Street from Cedar Avenue to Chestnut Street.
  • Develop implementable and realistic designs for projects along the corridor.
  • Provide cost estimates for designed projects.

This project will not:

  • Ensure funding or the city’s commitment towards immediate implementation of all the identified projects.
  • Identify transportation projects beyond the scope of the plan.

Thorough analysis has shown that pedestrian safety and ease of accessing transit are issues along this corridor. The slides below detail the city's findings.

Please help us better understand your Pedestrian Safety and Transit Access needs!

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