The El Paso Street Landslide Remediation Project is a Department of Mobility and Infrastructure undertaking to address a hillside failure that has impacted residents both above and below the slide area. The project is located in the 10th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh in the Morningside neighborhood and is located between El Paso Street and Duffield Street. El Paso Street has been closed to all vehicles except the local residents adjacent to the road. At the time of the slide, overhead utility poles were impacted and have since been relocated to the non-slide side of El Paso Street. No gas lines or waterlines are currently being impacted. Several residents below the slide on Duffield Street experienced significant disturbance to their backyards and access to the rear of their homes. The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure issued an emergency contract to temporarily address their access problem until the much larger project could be completed.

Project Overview

The project consists of the installation of a 300-foot-long soldier pile and lagging wall at approximately the mid slope point of the hillside between El Paso Street and Duffield Street. Once the wall is constructed, off site material will be brought in and the embankment between the new wall and El Paso Street will be reconstructed. Once the new embankment is in place, a new storm sewer system will be installed in El Paso Street. Following installation of the sewer system, El Paso Street will be completely reconstructed with new curbs and new guide rail on the non-resident side. Following completion of the wall and embankment construction, all the slide material between the new wall and the backyards of the residents along Duffield Street will be removed and regraded to form a consistent slope up to the base of the new wall. Once all work is completed, the entire disturbed area will be hydro-seeded for surface vegetation.

Work Schedule

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