This first project in the implementation of the Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan, adopted in September 2019, calls for improvements to the State Route 65 underpass and the creation of “green corridors” to provide safe and environmentally-friendly connections between Manchester, Chateau and the riverfront. Green corridors are park-like streets that provide a variety of benefits such as stormwater management and improving the safety of pedestrian crossings. This first phase of this project, conceptual design, is being funded through a technical assistance grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. One goal of these workshops is to develop standards that can be applied throughout the Manchester and Chateau along other streets in the future.

There will be a series of engagements and meetings over the next 6 weeks. Please see the timeline on this page for more details.

First Phase of Engagement

Before our first meetings, we would like to get your thoughts on your neighborhood and what you envision for the future. Please use the map below to locate the treasures and challenges of your neighborhood.

October 28 Meeting: Introduction to Greening America's Communities and Design Strategies

Green Corridors Strategies

The 11 Model Strategies can be used to create vibrant streets in Manchester-Chateau. These images are to help explain each strategy so that you can locate them on the map below to tell us which you think are most important and where each one should go. Strategies can be put in multiple places. The images for the Strategies represent examples rather than actual locations. Please feel free to locate them as you think best.

November 18 Meeting: Proposed Conceptual Designs

Share your thoughts about the conceptual designs.

What do you like? What would you change?
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