Move PGH Pilot Program

Move PGH was a two-year pilot program aimed at bringing together transportation options in Pittsburgh to make mobility more affordable, accessible, sustainable, and equitable.This pilot was conducted from July 2021 to July 2023, during which Pittsburgh residents and visitors took over a million trips on shared e-scooters and bikes and purchased hundreds of thousands of digital tickets.

This pilot program has now ended.

POGOH Bikeshare

POGOH, formerly Healthy Ride, is Pittsburgh's bike share provider. POGOH operates dozens of stations and hundreds of bikes throughout the city and in 2022 launched a fleet of e-assist bikes. As a non-profit, POGOH's mission is to provide Pittsburgh with a joyful, sustainable, and affordable mobility service for all residents and visitors. POGOH offers a variety of pricing options to fit different types of riders, and launched the Mobility Justice Membership that makes our Annual Membership available to those who receive government assistance for only $10 a year.

As the system continues to grow, POGOH remains dedicated to creating an inclusive, equitable bike share program that works with the Pittsburgh community to identify and address the needs of our unique and beautiful city.

Zipcar Carshare

Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network and has played an influential role in improving city life since 2000. Found in nearly 500 cities and towns, and 600 university campuses across the globe, Zipcar is driven by a mission: to enable simple and responsible urban living. Zipcar provides members easy access to a car without the cost and hassle of owning one.

Transit App

With the Transit app, Users can easily navigate shared mobility with accurate real-time predictions, simple multimodal trip planning, offline trip planning, and step-by-step navigation. Users can also purchase PRT tickets and unlock POGOH bikes in the app.

Examples of how Move PGH can be used for all of your different needs

With the Transit app, you can plan out your trips using each Move PGH service: Drop off the kids using transit, get to work using a carpool, make it to lunch using a scooter, run some errands using carshare, and finish the day with a leisurely bike ride!

Mobility Hubs

A Mobility Hub is a physical location that combines various mobility services in public spaces that are easily accessible to the surrounding community. These include scooter charging stations with digital screens that display real time travel information, community PSAs, and other public information.