June 2024 - Project Update

Construction of the Greenfield Ave corridor improvements including including speed tables and raised crosswalks will take place on Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th, weather permitting, with pavement markings to follow.

To view the pre-construction plans, see the document below.

Project Design

The City has finalized designs for the Greenfield Ave. Corridor and will be moving forward with construction in late June, 2024.

The plans can be viewed below.

Project Area

Project Area

Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Summary

Roadway Classification: Collector
Posted Speed Limit: 25 mph
Average Daily Traffic (ADT): 5,660 vehicles per day (two-way traffic)
85th percentile Speed: 30 mph
Overall % Speeding: 50%

Planned Improvements

Speed tables and/or raised crosswalks will be installed at targeted locations for spot speed control improvements to enhance safety for both traffic and pedestrians. More detailed information on scope will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

Construction Timeline

Construction of this project nearly complete. Final pavement markings, symbols, and flex posts are forthcoming.