June 2024 - Project Update

Construction of this project is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th. Please note that pavement markings on the speed humps will be placed a day or two after actual construction. Signage, however, will be installed in advance of construction.

Project Design

The City has finalized designs for the Virginia Ave. raised crosswalk and will be moving forward with construction in late June, 2024.

The plans can be viewed below.

Project Area

Mapped project area

Planned Improvements

  • One (1) raised crosswalk to improve yield compliance from drivers, increase safety for pedestrians and reduce overall motorist speed through corridor

Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Summary

  • Classification: Local
  • Speed Limit: 20 mph
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT): 5,492 vehicles per day
  • 85th % speed: 30 mph
  • Overall % speeding: 47%