Pardon our Dust!

Construction has started on the Oliver Bath House! Check back for updates and timelines, but present expectation is that the Bath House construction will be complete Summer 2024.

Oliver Bath House History

The Oliver Bath House (initially dubbed the South Side Bath House) was completed in 1915 and was a gift of steel magnate Henry W. Oliver to the city of Pittsburgh. Located in the historic Southside neighborhood, the Bath House was nominated as a city Historic Landmark in February 2017. Programming at the Oliver Bath House is run by the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation who hopes to maximize its use after the rehabilitation, and keep it open throughout the entire year.

Construction Scope and Project Goals

The City of Pittsburgh is committed to preserving the historic integrity of the Oliver Bath House and all work will be done as approved by the PA State Historic Preservation Office and the Pittsburgh Historic Review Commission. The scope of work includes:

· Full replacement of the basement steel structure, including sidewalk replacement and new guardrail

· Complete roof replacement, including the roof deck

· Preservation and repair of historic window frame and new glass throughout

· Demolition of the caretaker’s rooftop apartment and installation of a new rooftop HVAC unit with integral pool dehumidification

· Brick and limestone facade cleaning and repointing

· Repairs to pool walls and deck, including: new gutter system and drains, total replacement of the filtration and water chemistry system, and updated lighting

· Repairs to the mezzanine level structure and railing

· New mezzanine changing rooms

· Updated toilet and shower facilities

· Hazardous materials remediation

· Additional exterior restoration and conservation to retain historic character

· Accessibility & inclusivity: modifications to allow for ADA access

· Features to make the building as functional, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient as possible