Mosley's 22-ft sculptural work of red cedar on a concrete base was given a full restoration, including removal of degraded finishes, repair of wood splits, and protective coatings.

Famed sculptor Frank Vittor's 1921 monument received a full cleaning of its granite base, refurbishment of the bronze plaque, and restoration and sealing treatments for the bronze statue.

Greenfield's World War I & II Memorial received a complete cleaning of its stone, and the five bronze plaques were removed and refurbished offsite, including a reshaping of the warped central plaque.

East Carnegie's World War I Honor Roll was fully cleaned and the bronze plaque was removed, refurbished, and reinstalled, including the recreation of missing service stars.

Work on Bon Air's Armed Forces Monument has not yet been completed as of December 2023, but is expected within the next month. The planned work includes restoration of the plaque and cleaning of the base.