Project Description

Second Avenue from Downtown to Hazelwood will be constructed in Phase 1 of the SmartSpines project. This project will modernize traffic signals by utilizing advanced transportation technologies to improve safety, efficiency, system performance, and infrastructure return on investment. Signal hardware and accessibility upgrades will also be implemented.

A detailed list of intersection specific improvements is included in the 'Project Area' map. Almost all design changes are infrastructure improvements. The only design change that results in the removal of infrastructure is the proposed plan to remove the west crosswalk at the Second Avenue/West Technology Drive intersection.

Construction Update

Project Area

Second Avenue/West Technology Drive Crosswalk

The only crosswalk to be removed at West Technology Drive is the crosswalk that crosses Second Avenue on the northwestern side of the intersection. This northwestern sidewalk at this intersection is inaccessible and ends further east on Second Avenue. This sidewalk was selected for removal because it is not expected to be utilized as a pedestrian access route.