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We are pleased to release the final draft of the Stormwater Strategic Plan and encourage the public to report stormwater issues!

The Stormwater Challenge

Stormwater is a major issue that we face here in Pittsburgh. We need improved stormwater and sewer infrastructure to reduce flooding, pollution flowing into rivers, and basement backups. Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has completed their Stormwater Strategic Plan, and has an ongoing, collaborative community process to develop additional comprehensive wet weather plans and projects. Wet weather is defined as the management of flows - Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and stormwater as a result from stormwater runoff. These plans will serve as Pittsburgh's blueprint to address local stormwater challenges, capacity issues within the sewer system, and CSOs and SSOs to improve water quality.

With planning efforts underway, community engagement and neighborhood-level reporting of issues is crucial to making important decisions about the future of stormwater management in Pittsburgh. We all must work together to figure out how best to solve this citywide challenge.

With our strategic plan, we are looking at neighborhoods that haven’t historically had investment to see how we can create more equitable, flood-protected places. We are also evaluating the capacity of our sewer system to determine the level of stormwater protection we can provide across the city.

This webpage is one of the ways you can participate. Your input will help to develop stormwater solutions that over time will create a safer, flood-protected community and allow you to report stormwater issues in your neighborhood.


Read more about our Stormwater Plans at

An FAQ is built-out to discuss our initial stormwater planning process at


Have your say! The information collected from the community here will be used to help guide our future projects and planning initiatives.

If you have observed a stormwater issue such as flooding, a basement backup, an area in need of maintenance or any other stormwater-related issues such as damaged or impaired storm drains and manhole covers among other issues, please report your observations using the interactive map below.

Stormwater mission overview graphic

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