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Project Description

This project is a result of the East Liberty Priority Corridors Pedestrian & Traffic Safety Plan which identified safety and mobility priorities through community outreach. At the intersection of Penn and Centre in East Liberty, a new signal timing strategy will be implemented to improve comfort for pedestrians crossing Penn Avenue between Target and the Eastside Bond apartments.

This new signal timing strategy is called a Leading Through Interval, or LTI. It improves the Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) strategy by protecting pedestrians and cyclists against right turning traffic for longer than an LPI can, while still allowing through traffic to move through the intersection. This strategy is most effective when there is a dedicated right turn lane, as is the case at Penn and Centre northbound.

Planned changes to the signal:

  • Right turn signal for northbound Centre will be replaced with a flashing yellow arrow
  • The existing 5 second 'Leading Pedestrian Interval' will be extended to 12 seconds. This is crossing time where pedestrians can enter and use the crosswalk while the right turn lane receives a red indication.
  • All other turning movements will proceed at the same time as the pedestrian crosswalk.

Project Area

Signal Phasing Breakdown

Signal phasing breakdown