Uptown is a vibrant neighborhood within that is home to residents, Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Mercy Hospital, and a mix of other land uses, including: commercial, entertainment, and office.

Following a 2019 community request, this draft plan is the outcome of the ongoing collaboration between Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh, the Uptown Task Force's Mobility Action Team, and the City of Pittsburgh as an attempt to remedy parking congestion in the Uptown Neighborhood as recommended in the EcoInnovation District plan.


The neighborhood’s parking supply continues to face challenges as it anticipates privately owned publicly available surface parking lots are converted for new development. Additionally, as Uptown anticipates new development, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Fifth Avenue and Forbes Avenue, and other infrastructure changes, the neighborhood is focused on preemptively identifying a parking strategy that will protect residential parking resources and manage parking demand.

The neighborhood is interested in exploring Transportation Demand Management (TDM) as a strategy for enhancing safety for all users and improving air quality while also managing the demand for parking by encouraging alternative travel modes and reducing single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips. This report provides an overview of TDM best practices from cities with similar geographies and populations. Based on TDM findings and lessons learned from other cities, as well as conversations with City staff, agency partners, and stakeholders, this report outlines an approach to TDM that will guide residents, employees, visitors, and employers to reduce SOV trips and encourage alternative modes of transportation.

Project Update

This is the final step in the finalization of the Uptown TDM plan. After this public input process, the plan will be published.