The 28th Street Bridge, constructed in its current form in 1931 on piers from the original structure c1890, has in recent years seen restrictions to its vehicle loading and an increased frequency of maintenance and inspection. The purpose of the project is to address these restrictions to the 28th Street Bridge, which carries traffic over Sassafras Way, Norfolk Southern Railroad, and PRT East Busway, in a way that provides a safe transportation facility that accommodates all modes of traffic (vehicular, truck, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian). The main span truss is considered a historic example of a riveted Parker Through Truss bridge. The other spans and elements of the bridge are not recognized as historically significant. The proposed project aims to repair and extend the life of the historic truss, while also modernizing the overall bridge for the 21st century.

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Photo of location

28th Street Bridge - Connecting Polish Hill to Strip District