Development Activities Meeting 9/21/22 7pm

Development Activities Meeting at the center that is open to the public to review the upcoming project scope with the community

Project Background

The renovation will be to incorporate the following:

  • ADA compliant ramps to basement, parking lot w/ van accessible parking space, surface drainage, planting, clear rear yard.
  • Stormwater management around the building
  • Dumpster area that is screened and easily accessible by Environmental Services.
  • Spot point all facades. Replace corroded lintels. Restore two chimneys.
  • Abate asbestos caulking and glazing at existing windows.
  • Replace windows
  • Replace exterior doors, louvers, grilles.
  • Restore canopy
  • Provide an ADA accessible route 1) to the 1st floor and 2) from the proposed parking lot to the 2nd floor.
  • New HVAC, electrical- lighting/power, data/communications, fire-protection and plumbing systems throughout the building. Basement complete as is. Finish plumbing at 2nd floor. Rough-in at 3rd floor.
  • New generator or generator hook up for the 2nd floor to make this HALC a warming-cooling center.
  • Provide an accessible route throughout the building.
  • Provide ADA accessible toilet rooms, janitor closets, drinking fountains, and lactation room.
  • Reinstall existing interior doors. Provide new interior doors/frames and hardware.
  • Provide drywall, insulation and vapor barriers on the interior envelope of the building. Integrate with the new windows on the first floor.
  • Provide new walls and ceilings to accommodate the proposed HALC layout.
  • Provide a warming kitchen similar to the existing kitchen.
  • Lobby stairwell enclosure.
  • New elevator.
  • Modify building to accommodate new elevator.
  • New "hard" ceilings.
  • Floor leveler, finish floor and base.
  • Acoustical treatments on the second floor.
  • Tentative construction start date to begin 2024 pending funding availability