Q4 2023 Update

As of December 2023 project consultants are awaiting geotechnical lab results which will inform potential building locations to be finalized in early 2024.

Q3 2023 Update

As of August 2023, engineering firm D'Appolonia is beginning to work on site survey and geotechnical work. The reasoning of a geotech survey is to gather the physical characteristics of the soil and rocks on the site or around the building to properly design the foundations and/or make proper repairs because of subsurface shifting and changing.

Project Summary

The City of Pittsburgh, Department of Public Works, Architecture Division is planning to redevelop Cowley-Goettmann Park starting with the design and construction of a new building. The existing building will be deconstructed, but the history will be honored throughout the new work.

DPW and its consultants are currently completing the Engineering Feasibility Study, which must be complete in its entirety to inform hard design as to what reasonable options for development are. Depending on the results of the Engineering Feasibility Report, site development can be informed in a variety of ways and potentially follow multiple paths.

Topographic Surveys, Environmental Site Assessment, Underground Utility Location, and Geotechnical Analysis are all underway and will inform the Schematic Site Layout before advancing to design.

DPW Architecture Division - Conceptual Design

The City believes in creating meaningful public space for the Troy Hill Neighborhood that embraces the community's past, present and future. DPW Architecture Division has refined the conceptual design based on conversations to date. When considering all factors (engagement, energy & expense), we feel this endeavor is harmonious with the goals of the Neighborhood, the Department and the City.

The New 1-Story Building illustrated below will contain (1) Large Assembly Space, (2) Smaller Meeting Rooms and other support spaces to establish a new rentable facility for the community to gather. The drawings also show exterior recreation and park spaces that are currently outside of the scope for this project, but are important ideas to forecast for future improvements.

Public Engagement

With the Troy Hill Community & other North Side Neighborhoods, the Department of Public Works - Architecture Division has discussed many ideas and explored many design options that thoughtfully consider what's possible within Cowley-Goettmann Park. The feedback provided is a vital part of the conversation, process and criteria in which a new facility is designed and constructed. We appreciate your commitment and support as we continue to develop this project.

To date DPW & the Office of Community Affairs has held the following public meetings for the project:

  • Community Meeting #1 - November 15, 2018
  • Community Meeting #2 - April 10, 2019
  • Troy Hill Citizens Meeting - August 14, 2019
  • Community Meeting #3 - September 25, 2019
  • Community Meeting #4 - October 28, 2020
  • Community Meeting #5 - June, 23, 2021

2019 Community Survey

At the request of the community, the City conducted a survey of citizens that live near the park from November 15 to December 16, 2019. Questions tried to ascertain general community preference for park and building amenities. In total 454 people responded, including 287 students from nearby schools.

Additional Feedback?

With the building location set, please share any additional ideas about the future of the park. (max 140 characters).

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5 January, 2024

panicsquared says:

As a new resident of Troy Hill, it warms my heart to see care put into this park. I just found out about the reconstruction plans. Good work

5 November, 2023

Sean says:

"Green space" just looks like grass that wont be maintained. That space could be much better utilized for a full community center or library

7 July, 2023

Ryan says:

It should include a fitness center for strength training since there are no gyms in the neighborhood.

11 June, 2023

Skylar says:

Not exactly sure what "green space" would all entail, but i dont think it would be appreciated as much as an indoor pool/rec center.

29 May, 2023

immargarita says:

Look greats, only wish it included an indoor pool. Good skill to learn, great exercise for all ages; start them young, we need lifeguards!

17 April, 2023

Troy Hill Neighbor says:

Pollinator/butterfly/rain garden, please! Bike repair station! Picnic tables with shade in the upper green space. Food truck hookup!

17 April, 2023

Debbie says:

A senior center would be nice

17 April, 2023

angela_kapisak says:

I think there needs to be a rec center on this side of the north side. So many kids and teens could benefit from this.

13 April, 2023

Beckahurst says:

Troy Hill needs a recreation center asap! Let's move the plan forward for the good of the neighborhood!

15 October, 2022

Tenanta says:

New Low income Housing for pt & ft employed downtown residents is seriously needed in downtown PGH.

1 March, 2022

m_morrill says:

Are there any recent updates on this project?

5 October, 2021

Ptacek says:

What about parking? Where are peoe who live in that area suppose to park with all extra people coming to use spray park ball fields etc.