The Cross and Strauss Playground sits on a quiet corner in the Charles Street Valley away from the main road, making it an ideal space for children to play. Currently equipped with a playground and half basketball court, this community asset is well loved, but in need of updates and repairs.

Initiative for improvements started at a grassroots level with the Charles Street Area Corporation. In 2022, the organization spearheaded a community engagement process which consisted of two (2) design charettes, one community meeting, an engagement survey and consultation with eHoldings and Real Design. It builds on the existing qualities of the park to enhance it's value to the community. The intent of the design is takes into account the diverse ages and ability ranges of park users, and allows space for programming and creative play and greenspace activation. More information can be found here:

In late 2022, Charles Street Area Corporation engaged with the City of Pittsburgh to assist in funding and preparation of design documents for the improvements.