UPDATE: April 2024

Construction Season has come to Western Pennsylvania! Thanks to all who attended our groundbreaking ceremony on April 11. Follow this page for future updates.

UPDATE: October 2023

DOMI is excited to announce a contract with Gregori Construction Inc has been secured for the construction of the new Davis Avenue bridge!

Over the winter months, the department will be working with the contractor on material procurement and off-site fabrication of the bridge truss.

On-site construction will begin in Spring 2024 to prepare the site in time for the delivery of the bridge truss. Construction is expected to continue through the summer into early Fall 2024.

We thank the community for their patience as we advance this much anticipated project!

Project Background

The Davis Avenue bridge reconstruction project aims to reconnect the Brighton Heights neighborhood to Riverview Park. The previous bridge, constructed in 1898, was a pin-connected, cantilever deck truss, and featured ingenuity for its day. However, the bridge lacked modern insight into necessary safety and maintenance features and had limited capacity for heavily-loaded vehicles. Ultimately, the bridge was demolished by the City in 2009.

The new Davis Avenue bridge will function as a bike and pedestrian bridge and feature modern building designs, materials, and insights, while emulating the aesthetic established by the prior bridge.

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is anticipating the bridge opening to foot traffic by Fall 2024.

If you have any questions or comments, we would appreciate your feedback! You can use the Comment box, below, to share your thoughts with DOMI.

Public Art

Part of the design of the new Davis Avenue Bridge includes a public art piece that celebrates the rebuilding of this bridge between Riverview Park and Northside neighborhoods. This art project is made possible by the City of Pittsburgh’s Percent for Art program which matches 1% of the construction budget with a dedicated budget for public art.

Follow the public art project's Engage page here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Since the previous bridge was demolished in 2009, nearby communities have been requesting and building support for reestablishing a connection to Riverview Park.

The new Davis Avenue pedestrian bridge will provide a direct connection between the Brighton Heights neighborhood and the largest city park in the Northside (Riverview Park).

Yes, construction for the new bridge is fully funded.

Funding sources include municipal bonds, American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds, a Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grant, and the Allegheny County Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund (GEDTF).

With the abundance of vehicle parking on Riverview Avenue near to the various park amenities (the playground, pool, pavilions, trailheads, etc.), there is no additional parking planned on Davis Avenue.

By designing and building a bridge exclusively for pedestrians and bicyclists, the required load-carrying capacity of the structure is greatly diminished.

This enables the previous bridge abutments to be reused, and the total area of impermeable pavement on Riverview Drive is reduced (which improves stability of the steep hillside). This means this project costs a fraction of the price of a full vehicle bridge.