Update: February 2024

The city is finalizing permits for building the new Department of Public Works (DPW) 4th Division Facility. The bid for contracts to complete the work has also been awarded.

Pre-construction meetings will begin this month and a groundbreaking will follow soon after.

Barring any setbacks, the facility is estimated to be complete by August 2025.

About this Project

The City of Pittsburgh is developing a new, state-of the-art Department of Public Works (DPW) facility in the Knoxville neighborhood. This facility will support snow removal during the winter months in south Pittsburgh, with space to store salt and other equipment.

The project has been a priority for DPW since 2021, but construction was delayed after a mine shaft was discovered on the property previously selected for the new building. This delayed the process by several months.

The new facility will replace the former DPW Division 4 building on Bausman Street, and will be located at 403 Mathews Avenue, 15210.

The previous DPW Division 4 building was a bakery before the city acquired it in 1971. The building housed DPW operations staff and equipment that primarily serviced Hilltop and southern neighborhoods. It was closed in 2017 after a structural engineering report found the facilities were unsafe for both workers and machinery. It was demolished in 2018.

The new DPW facility will be built from the ground up for today’s modern workforce. It will be energy efficient and outfitted with current technology standards to support workers in their duties, allowing them to more easily plan and coordinate their work in conjunction with other DPW divisions and city departments. DPW intends to use the facility as a model standard for all DPW division buildings moving forward.

DPW also plans to install a set of concrete steps, which would allow pedestrians to connect to Bausman Street and access McKinley Park from the facility.

Rendering of the new DPW 4th Division facility.

Rendering of the new DPW 4th Division facility.