Project Updates:

February 2024: The Department of Public Works is in the process of awarding the construction contract and work on the new park should begin in mid-late March 2024.

Project Information:


In 2018, the City of Pittsburgh's Department of City Planning and neighborhood representatives worked with the community to develop a Master Plan for the redevelopment of Enright Park (which you can find in the Document Library on the sidebar of this page). The City of Pittsburgh's Department of Public Works will continue those efforts by designing and constructing the amenities prioritized in the Master Plan.

The following priorities emerged from the Master Plan process:

  • Preserve as many large trees as possible, especially the oaks.
  • Include a number of new trees in the park, choosing species that will mature into large canopy trees that provide shade.
  • Create an open, flexible park.
  • Keep or augment the existing program on site. Retain at least one full basketball court; having an additional half or full court is preferable. Lighting design should be included in the court renovation.
  • Include space devoted to play structures as well as plenty of open lawn and some un-programmed paved area for other types of play. Retain or expand the amount of water play space. The salvaged whale spray feature must be included in the new design.
  • Provide plenty of areas to sit under shade and seating near the play areas. Some seating should encourage social interaction and some should be more removed from the action.
  • Create connections to the larger avenues. Emphasize the pedestrian connection/park entrance from South Negley Avenue.
  • Respect the residential character of the neighborhood and buffer where adjacent uses are not, or will not be, residential – particularly along the proposed PPS development and along S. Euclid Avenue.
  • Provide a small shelter structure that protects park users from the sun and rain.
  • Include bike racks and water fountains in the park amenities.