Project Background

Restoration of the late 1800's, stone tunnel in Highland Park located on Reservoir Drive, adjacent to the Super Playground and Highland Park Reservoir.

Recently tunnel wingwalls and parapet walls were partially removed due to movement and leaning of the walls. The removed stones were cataloged and stockpiled nearby in the park and will be used to reconstruct the tunnel to the original configuration.

This project will involve the restoration of the tunnel and reconstruction of the roadway above the tunnel (Reservoir Drive). The roadway reconstruction will include a new sidewalk, pedestrian railing, and new catchbasins to collect storm water runoff from Reservoir Drive. Following the restoration of the tunnel, the Ginkgo Trail will be repaved and new stormwater piping and drainage swales will be constructed to collect stormwater runoff up slope of the tunnel. The existing bike lane and existing pedestrian walkway on Reservoir Drive will remain they currently are.