As of November 2023, this page is being archived. For timely updates on this project, please visit the Engage page on Reservoir Drive Improvements.


Coinciding with Department of Public Work's Pedestrian Tunnel and Bridge project, Reservoir Drive in Highland Park repaved and restriped with improved pavement marking and vertical elements to create a safer condition for all park visitors, whether they enjoy the park by foot, bike or car. The project included quick-build traffic calming elements and improved accessibility features throughout the park's central loop.

Project Complete

As of November 2023, this project has been completed! Members of the community joined us on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of this work and the reopening of Reservoir Drive and the Highland Park Pedestrian Tunnel.


Following a short-term pedestrianization of Highland Park's central loop to motor vehicles in 2020 during the COVID lockdown, Council District 7 and DOMI began working with community stakeholders to design a future Reservoir Drive that was accessible to cars, but prioritized safety for all users. The project was delayed due to the construction of the pedestrian tunnel and bridge, but as that project concludes this summer, these improvements will now finally be installed after a full repaving of the roadway.

Conditions at Start of Project

Current Conditions

Proposed Updates

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August 2023 Design Presentation

2021 Draft Planset