Improvements Coming Soon to Homewood Park!



In 2015, Homewood Community Sports (HCS), with the help of Heinz Endowments, Operation Better Block, Neighborhood Allies, Bridging the Gap Development, and The Mission Continues began a grassroots level study of field improvements at Willie Stargell Field. The study identified some of the challenges that the site faces with the existing conditions. Currently, the field serves both as a baseball and football field, however, the field is inadequately sized for both sports.

HCS led an extensive community engagement process in order to develop a Master Plan for the existing Stargell Field and expansion of Homewood Park onto the previous Homewood School property along Hamilton Avenue.

Based on the results of the Master Plan, the City of Pittsburgh's Department of Public Works, along with these essential community partners and the landscape architecture firm Studio Zewde, will be designing the following improvements:

  • Site engineering for the development of a a regulation-size football field, seating and site-wide ADA accessibility. A newly developed baseball/softball and flag football facility will be built at Faison Elementary School.
  • Structural engineering for retaining walls surrounding the site
  • Relocation of existing pool and bathhouse/locker room to accommodate field renovations
  • Site-wide stormwater management solutions, including cisterns or r-tanks under the athletic fields
  • Connection to the Martin Luther King Jr. Busway and renovated pedestrian bridge to Westinghouse Park
  • Cultural/performance space with connections to the Afro American Music Institute
  • Playground and green space for various youth activities
Homewood Community Sports

Homewood Community Sports

Public Art

The renovations of Homewood Park will include several public art projects, made possible by the City of Pittsburgh’s Percent for Art program.

Follow the public art project's Engage page here.