What to expect?

The Liberty Avenue Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) will aim to increase safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike in the Strip District. The program will include upgrades and improvements for traffic signals, pedestrian safety , traffic safety, and transit access.

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  • Traffic Signal Upgrades
    • Full replacement at 16th, 21st, 25th, 26th, 28th, and 31st
    • New signal at 27th
    • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon signal conversion at 17th
    • Timing updates at Herron, 16th and Penn, 31st and Penn
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvements
    • Intersection "bump-outs"
    • Pedestrian Refuge Islands
    • Leading Pedestrian Intervals
  • Traffic Safety Improvements
    • High-visibility signal heads
    • Improved lane width
    • Reduced "conflicts" from road diet
  • Transit Improvements
    • Widened sidewalks at bus stops
    • Additional bus shelters
    • Potential for transit signal priority
Crash Diagram

Existing and Proposed Lane Configuration

Existing and Proposed Lane Configuration

In the proposed design, Liberty Avenue would have three, wider lanes. Current lanes are less than ideal for the type of vehicles on Liberty Avenue – they are too narrow to comfortably accommodate transit and larger passenger vehicles.

Strip District Mobility Plan

Strip District mobility plan

With only four streets making the connection through the strip district - Liberty Avenue, Penn Avenue, Smallman Street, and Railroad Street - they must work as a system. Together, these streets make a complete network for Pittsburgh by accommodating vehicle traffic at slow speeds, providing access to transit, accommodating bicyclists safely, and enhancing access for all modes for employees and customers to the Strip District Businesses.

As part of this system, Liberty Avenue is identified in the Strip District Mobility Plan as a transit street as well as an important street for moving automobiles through the strip district.

Additionally, Liberty Avenue is part of the overall Strip District Bike network from 32nd to Herron.