What is the Neighborhood Economic Development Grant?

Neighborhood Economic Development (NED) Grants are federally-funded grants made to local organizations serving Pittsburgh residents with low and moderate incomes. Only Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) and Community Development Organizations (CDCs) are eligible to apply for these funds, which will be used to benefit eligible census tracts around the City.

NED grants are funded with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money, awarded to the City of Pittsburgh from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. RCOs and CDCs are invited to apply, and applications are reviewed and recommended for funding by the NED Advisory Committee. This Committee is made up of representatives from City Planning, the Mayor's Office, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and local development experts.

NED projects must further one of the following goals:

  1. Main Street Revitalization
  2. Affordable Housing Improvements
  3. Vacancy Rate Reduction
  4. Organizational Development

Organizations with less than an average of $75,000 in revenues and expenses over the last three fiscal years are invited to apply for the Capacity Building NED grant.

General NED AwardsCapacity Building Awards
$10,000 - $40,000 $50,000 per year
One-year termRenewable for three additional years
No additional responsibilitiesOffers progress meetings and technical assistance

2023 NED Grant Awards

The NED Advisory Committee, after careful review of applications and applicant presentations, recommended a total of eleven groups for funding. Eight were recommended to receive general NED funding, and three were recommended for Capacity Building awards. City Council passed legislation awarding 2023 NED funds to the following groups:

General NED Awards



Amani Christian Community Development


Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation


Fineview Citizen’s Council


Hazelwood Initiative


Larimer Consensus Group


Perry Hilltop Citizen’s Council


Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation


Rising Tide Partners


Capacity Building NED Awards ($50,000 per year, renewable up to four years)



Manchester Citizen’s Council

Capacity Building Year Three

Carrick Community Council

Capacity Building Year Two

Charles Street Area Corporation

Capacity Building Year One

2023 NED Grant Application Information Session

Or watch the video on YouTube here.

How do I apply?

If you represent an RCO or CDC which meets all eligibility criteria, you may fill out the application at the bottom of this page. Only electronic submissions via this webpage will be accepted.

What organizations are eligible?

Organizations seeking NED funds must:

  • Be an RCO, a CDC, or both
  • Be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with
    • A Board of Directors
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Written bylaws
    • A mission that supports City of Pittsburgh residents
  • Demonstrate financial management capacity
  • Have filed an IRS Form 990 (990-N, 990-EZ, or 990) last year
  • Have a SAM.gov profile with a Unique Entity ID (UEI)*
    • Additional information on getting a UEI can be found in this video or at this link
  • Have no outstanding financial liabilities with the City of Pittsburgh, or demonstrate an approved payment plan
  • Have current general liability insurance
  • Have current worker's compensation insurance (only required if organization has paid staff)

Application Submitted. What's Next?

The Office of Management and Budget – Community Development team will review all applications for eligibility, then present the applications to the NED Advisory Committee. Applicants will be scored according to the scoring rubric agreed upon by the NED Advisory Committee. The rubric can be found here.

The NED Advisory Committee will invite up to 20 organizations to give a short presentation on their projects and answer any questions the Committee has. From these 20 organizations, the Committee will select at least 8 to recommend for funding. These recommendations will be passed on to City Council for the final funding decision.

The Community Development office expects that elected officials will make and officially legislate their grant determinations in late Fall. Due to programmatic changes, contracts will not begin until January 2024. This means your organization will not be able to request reimbursement for 2023 expenses.

Applicants should keep visiting this webpage for updates on the review process.

2023 NED Grant Application