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Project Area

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Existing Conditions

Cross Section

Traffic Data Collection



Traffic Summary

  • Classification: Collector
  • Speed Limit: 25 mph
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT): 4,044 vehicles per day (VPD)
  • 85th % speed: 34 mph
  • Overall % speeding: 82%

Planned Improvements

  • High visibility crosswalk upgrades at Frederick, St. Patrick, Fernleaf, Eleanor, and Clover
  • Intersection “Daylighting” visibility improvements at select intersections
  • Single-side parking to eliminate sidewalk obstructions
  • Yield Street pavements marking along business district to provide both-side parking
  • Speed Tables or Speed Cushions at select locations

Construction Timeline

Speed cushions were installed on September 27, 2022.

arlington cushion