Join us on April 20th!

Join us for a community meeting to discuss traffic signal updates and improved street conditions! Meeting will be in person with a livestream option available for those who want to watch from home.

Thursday, April 20th

6pm - 7:30pm

Allegheny Center Alliance Church Union Place Building

801 Union Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Click here to watch the livestream of the meeting on the Pittsburgh City Channel's YouTube page:

Please note comments on the livestream will not be activated; if you have a question for the panel at the meeting and cannot come in person, please submit it through the Q&A forum on the right hand side of this page and we will respond as soon as we can!

Project Description:

    The purpose of the North Avenue Signals and Safety Project is to update traffic signal infrastructure and improve safety for pedestrians, drivers, and transit users along North Avenue. Traffic signal upgrades will include higher visibility signals with back plates, controllers, communication hardware, and radar detection. Pedestrian accommodations include pedestrian countdown signals, audible push buttons, curb extensions/bumpouts, mid-block crossings, and ADA ramps. There is a long-term need for updated infrastructure with improved safety and accessibility along this corridor.

    Traffic Signal upgrades are planned for the following:

    • North Ave & Arch St
    • North Ave & Federal St
    • North Ave & Sandusky St
    • North Ave & Cedar St
    • North Ave & James St

    Pedestrian safety improvements will also occur at the following un-signalized intersections:

    • North Ave & Reddour St
    • North Ave & Boyle St
    • North Ave & Linden
    • North Ave & Middle St

    Aerial Shot

    Figure 1 - Project Location Map

    Crash Data

    Figure 2 - Project Crash Data

    *Federal at North has the highest frequency of crashes in the corridor.

    Recommended Alternative

    The selected alternative focuses on enhancing pedestrian safety and better transit reliability throughout the corridor. Key elements include:

    • Road Diet- Maintain one through-lane in each direction between Arch and Cedar plus a left-turn lane
    • Intersection Bump-outs- Reduce crossing distances by up to 30%
    • Bus Pullouts w/ Que-jumping technology - Reduce bus blockages while boarding and reduce delays
    • On-street Parking - Addition of on-street parking spaces to buffer southern sidewalk from live traffic
    • Traffic Signal Upgrades - Upgraded infrastructure at Arch, Federal, Sandusky, Cedar and James Streets. Traffic Signal coordination will be provided from Arch Street to James street along North Ave.

    North Ave

    North Avenue from Arch Street to Federal Street

    North Ave

    North Avenue from Boyle Street to Sandusky Street

    North Ave

    North Avenue from Cedar Ave to Middle Street