Penn Ave Phase II Streetscape Project

The intersection of Penn Ave and Aiken Ave

Intersection of Penn Ave and Aiken Ave will be rehabilitated as a part of this project.

The project will include the construction of new sidewalks, curbs, and roadway, and will include various forms of stormwater mitigation with a focus on green infrastructure. Public utilities have been invited to replace old and deteriorating assets while the road is being reconstructed.

 Penn Ave Phase II Project Area

The project will span the length of Penn Ave between Evaline and Graham St.

The purpose of this rehabilitation is to enhance the corridor for pedestrian and vehicular travel alike. The improved sidewalks and crosswalks will provide an added component of safety to for residents and customers walking next to the street, and bump outs constructed at each intersection will assist in the calming of traffic while at the same time delineating the on-street parking areas.

The design of this street is intended to improve the sense of community among the residents in Bloomfield and Garfield, while benefitting business by creating an inviting streetscape for pedestrians and customers.

Penn Ave Phase 1 Streetscape Improvments

The Penn Ave Phase II project will continue the improvements to the Penn Ave Streetscape between the intersections of Evaline and Graham Street. These improvements will be congruent with the Phase I streetscape improvements between Mathilda and Evaline.