The City is interested in transferring the administration of the process for creating or expanding new areas for the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Program from the Department of City Planning to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, who already permits and enforces RPP areas. Since this change requires a change to the City Code, the City is looking to understand what changes residents may want to see from the program to make any other potential Code changes at the same time.

Looking for More Information About This Project?

  • You can learn more about the City’s Residential Permit Parking designation process here.
  • The Parking Authority’s Residential Permit Parking Program portal which includes the requirements for obtaining a permit can be found here.
  • An interactive map of all existing RPP Areas can be found here.
  • The existing Code for the Program may be found here.
  • The submitted legislation can be found here.

Survey Results at a Glance

Creating New RPP Areas

Ways to Create New RPP Areas

Visitor & Non-Resident Permits

Types of RPP Permits

Hybrid Parking

An Explanation of Hybrid Parking

Public Meetings

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual or in-person public meetings October 5 and 6. The virtual meeting is available to view below, or on the City's YouTube page. The presentation deck and a Frequently Asked Questions document are available in RPP Documents.

RPP Program Code Updates - Public Meeting 10/4/2021

Pittsburgh City Council Post-Agenda - 10/27/21

Pittsburgh City Council Public Hearing - 11/4/21