The Department of City Planning's Public Art & Civic Design Division is excited to be collaborating with the Department of Public Works on another Percent For Art project!

The renovations to South Side Park are being done in phases. They will include improvements to accessibility, parking, signage, and storm water management, as well as a number of new recreational amenities and public art.

Pittsburgh artist Carin Mincemoyer will be creating this public art project.

Mincemoyer's work ponders the ways in which humans try to embrace, struggle to control, yearn for, reject, and alter the natural environment. Her creative practice encompasses sculpture, installation, public art and design in diverse materials including wood, metal, discarded packaging, and live plants. More information and images of her previous work can be found on her website,

During the public engagement and design development phase, Carin met with community groups in neighborhoods bordering the park, collected input from residents, explored the park in its current state, and researched the historical, current, and projected future use of the park. Conceptual designs were presented to the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, Friends of South Side Park, and other community organizations.

Carin's concept for this artwork draws on ideas of water existing in three spaces around the park: in the sky (clouds), on the ground surface (streams), and underground (sewers). An initial concept for her artwork can be seen below. In June 2022 the project received Conceptual Approval from the Art Commission. View the presentation here.

A final design will be presented to the Public Art & Civic Design Commission for approval at a future hearing.

cloud well concept image

South Side Park