Westinghouse Park Meeting: Saturday June 5th, 1-4pm

In late March we sent out a survey to all the residents of Point Breeze, North Point Breeze, and Homewood via mail, drop boxes, email and social media. To date we've received over 500 responses! We'll review them and other advance planning work and we want to hear more from you. Expect opportunities to sketch your vision for the space, learn about stormwater, meet neighbors, and more!

Westinghouse Park Master Plan

Westinghouse Park is the well-loved but unpolished gem in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze North, Homewood and Point Breeze neighborhoods. Formerly the site of Solitude, the estate of George and Marguerite Westinghouse, the park’s 10.2 acres feature broad lawns, mature trees and hidden historic artifacts. Apart from a well-used play area, its paths, landscape features, and community building are outdated and need to be improved. This requires development of a master plan.

To establish a foundation for this planning process, a partnership between the Westinghouse Park 2nd Century Coalition and the Point Breeze North Development Corporation has secured grants from the URA’s Neighborhood Initiative program and a private funder.

The master plan will identify how the park can best achieve its potential to serve the needs of its users, strengthen the community, improve its environmental quality, and explore and celebrate its important historical legacy.