The Allegheny River Green Boulevard (ARGB) Strategic Plan was developed over several years through efforts of the City of Pittsburgh and Riverlife and published in 2013. The plan included in its study area areas of neighborhoods located along the south shore of the Allegheny River, from the Lower Strip District through and beyond Upper Lawrenceville. The study included ambitious recommendations for land use, transportation, open space, and riverfront access.

We are beginning the early steps to implement portions of the project. This page will house project materials, provide updates, and solicit input on current and future projects in the corridor.

To access the published plan, click the button below.

The first portion of the Green Boulevard under design is a shared-use pedestrian and bicycle path in the section between 40th Street and 43rd Street, adjacent to the Allegheny Valley Railroad Line. In designing this piece, the project team is referencing the recommendations of the above ARGB Strategic Plan, as well as the below past planning efforts:

  • Bike(+) Master Plan (City of Pittsburgh, 2020)
  • Guide to Riverfront Development (Riverlife, 2014)
  • Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan (Riverlife, 2001)
  • Strip District Riverfront Vision Plan (Riverlife, 2016)

Please check back to this page for more information as it becomes available.

Aerial view of proposed shared-use path location

Project Area for 40th - 43rd Street Portion

Please share any additional feedback, questions, or comments for the Allegheny River Green Boulevard.

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15 February, 2023

user1 says:

Is this still happening? Would love an update.

23 November, 2022

trochanter says:

What is the status of this project? A bike friendly path that connects Lville to the Strip is needed.

12 July, 2022

DWhite says:

Excellent! I live in Stanton Hghts and desperately welcome this vision to create off-street bike/ped connections from the East to downtown!

7 May, 2022

ddcdella says:

Can't wait to be able to bike to downtown in a safe manner, this has to be one of the most exciting projects for these communities!

7 May, 2022

Neighbor says:

Can't wait to be able to bike to downtown in a safe manner, this has to be one of the most exciting projects for these communities!

22 April, 2022

Jody N-C says:

Very exciting project! Will be a HUGE improvement to the area! Thanks for your hard work and persistence to get this done!

31 March, 2022

Pittpaul says:

The City should choose to enhance the existing commercial district along Butler Street, not create a rival along the RR.

23 August, 2021

JNArth says:

As a resident of Morningside, I love seeing plans to make getting to downtown more accessible for those who choose to walk and bike!

11 August, 2021

atang says:

I have personally been waiting for years for this project to come to fruition and can't wait to walk/bike/roll in safety!

9 August, 2021

gabrieldougherty says:

Any plans for a road diet on the terminating ends at 40th and 43rd street? Cars generally do not yield to pedestrians and cyclists.