Update: June 2024

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) has updated the page with the 90%, or pre-construction, plans below.

In early July DOMI will be installing the designed improvements for the corridor.

Update: March 2024

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) and the Mayor's Office hosted a meeting to update the community about this project on Wednesday, March 13 at 6:00 p.m. at Mount Ararat Community Center (745 N. Negley Avenue, 15206).

DOMI staff members presented draft plans for updates coming to the Stanton Avenue corridor and answered questions about the measures planned to calm traffic and reduce crashes.

If you missed the meeting, and would like to ask a question or make a comment about the project, please do so at the Form on the righthand side of the page.

If you would like to receive updates about this project, Follow the "Complete Streets" project.

A recording of the meeting is available below. The presentation slides can be viewed via the PDF linked below.


Stanton Avenue Complete Streets Phase 2 follows the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure's Stanton Avenue Complete Streets Phase 1 project to make a safe and comfortable connection for all users on Stanton Avenue from Chislett Street to Meadow Street/Heberton Street.

This project design will respond to documented speeding issues by adding traffic calming improvements to the corridor. The design will also work to improve transit stops, create safer connections for cyclists, and improve pedestrian crossings.

This project was announced at the Highland Park Town Hall in Spring 2023.

Project map

Project Map

90% Design Draft

Crash History Map

Image of crash history


Why make Stanton Avenue a bike connection?

This project was identified in the city's Bike+ Plan as a major connection route between neighborhoods in the area.

Why does Stanton Avenue need traffic calming?

Speed and volume data shows that most drivers are comfortable driving 30 to 32 mph, a departure from the posted speed limit of 25 mph. These high speeds, paired with a significant crash history demonstrate a need for traffic calming.

How will this project effect buses?

The project is not expected to affect bus operations. Pittsburgh Regional Transit operates transit services on over a dozen streets with bike lanes and/or traffic calming, and are being coordinated with on this project. Pedestrian improvements will help transit riders access their stops.

Speed Table Construction

Construction was completed the week of October 9, 2023.