The Mellon Park Action Plan looks to create a unified vision for the park based on community and municipal priorities for park restoration, developments, and activity. This work is also focused on better connecting the two sections of park separated by Fifth Avenue. Engagement will be ongoing through the end of the year. Please follow along by clicking the button above, or emailing

Mellon Park Action Plan- Preferred Plan Design

Preferred Plan Design is now available for comment!

The preferred plan for Mellon Park is now available for public review and comment. Please take a moment to review the plan images below for the north and south halves of the park and provide any feedback, comments, or suggestions you have in the survey below. For additional information and context, you can view a PDF version of the public presentation, as well as a recording of our first presentation, located in the side bar to the right of the page.

Please feel free to send any questions, comments, or concerns to Brandon Riley ( The survey will be available until April 18th. Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Mellon Park Action Plan!

Introduction to the Action Plan

The video below provides a brief introduction to the project, the goals of the Action Plan, and how you can participate!