The Mellon Park Action Plan looks to create a unified vision for the park based on community and municipal priorities for park restoration, developments, and activity. This work is also focused on better connecting the two sections of park separated by Fifth Avenue. Engagement will be ongoing through the end of the year. Please follow along by clicking the button above, or emailing

Mellon Park Action Plan Concepts

Design Concepts and Surveys

We are pleased to present preliminary design concepts for the Mellon Park Action Plan! These conceptual plans were developed based on the extensive community feedback and input we received through multiple public meetings, focus groups, and survey responses. But we still need your thoughts and input!

The plans and surveys are organized into three distinct sections: Overall Park Improvements, Mellon Park North Design Options, and Mellon Park South Design Options. You can provide feedback in all three sections, or just the areas of the park you feel most passionate about. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and any other ideas we may be missing in the survey below. Your feedback is crucial in helping us develop and refine a 'Preferred Plan' and vision for Mellon Park!

If you were unable to join any of the public presentations we held on October 16 and October 20, you can access the presentation files under the 'Concept Presentation Materials' heading in the sidebar to the right. There you can review a recording of the presentation and a PDF of presentation slides, or simply review the plan images we provided below. (Please note: the presentation slides PDF provides additional project context and higher quality images than the plan images below).

Please feel free to send any questions, comments, or concerns to Brandon Riley ( Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Mellon Park Action Plan!

Overall Park Improvements- Plans and Survey

Mellon Park North Design Options- Plans and Survey

Mellon Park South Design Options- Plans and Survey

Introduction to the Action Plan

The video below provides a brief introduction to the project, the goals of the Action Plan, and how you can participate!