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The Project

The Northside Cluster of projects involve a series of streets that could see a number of improvements that will create less stressful biking and walking connectivity within and through the neighborhoods, mostly in and around Manchester and Chateau. Concurrently, there is an EPA program to provide safe and environmentally-friendly connections between Manchester, Chateau and the riverfront that is planning to first improve the non-motorized connection under the State Route 65 underpass.

The Manchester and Chateau neighborhoods sit at the crossroads of several destinations, yet there remain significant barriers to safe walking and biking. Improvements along this cluster of streets, identified in the Manchester Chateau Neighborhood plan, will help address these issues.

Initial improvements that DOMI is looking at include:

  • Brighton Road Bike Lanes Phase 2
  • California Ave - Phase 1 & 2
  • Fulton, Juniata & Manhattan Neighborway
  • North Ave Bike facilities

Through key improvements, DOMI hopes to achieve safer, more comfortable streets for all users. Improvements, depending on context and community input, could include such techniques as new road markings and crosswalks, Neighborways (link), bike lanes, or other traffic calming features.