This is the online engagement page for a group of parallel projects that will reimagine and rebuild Downtown Pittsburgh’s Smithfield Street in alignment with the recently completed Downtown Mobility Plan. These projects are being completed by a unique partnership between the business improvement district for Downtown, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP), and the City of Pittsburgh's Departments of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), and City Planning (DCP).


The first stage in this process was the creation of the Downtown Mobility Plan, a unified mobility and placemaking plan for Downtown Pittsburgh’s streets. Over 18 months from fall 2019 through spring 2021, thousands of stakeholders and members of the public provided input on how downtown streets can contribute to a more vibrant and better-functioning downtown.

“Smithfield Reimagined” is one of nine High Impact Priorities priority projects from this plan, intending to transform the street from Liberty Avenue to the Smithfield Bridge into a vibrant, central hub for all users. It reaffirms the public's desire to create a more people-centric space by providing a more walkable, small business-oriented, and pedestrian-friendly experience.

This website is a homepage for every step of the process to implement this high-priority community project. Through engagement and planning, we can build strategies that can be immediately implemented through DOMI projects, and long-range strategies that will require additional funding and partnership in the next few years.

This first phase implementation project is one step in the long-term reimagining of Smithfield St. and provides us with an opportunity to begin revitalizing this important street.

Map showing the study areas for the long-range plan and reconstruction project.

Map showing the study areas for the long-range plan and reconstruction project.

Active Engagement (Summer 2021)

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The long-range planning effort aims to reimagine Smithfield Street not just in terms of its importance as a mobility corridor connecting across the Golden Triangle, but also as a significant meeting place at destinations along the corridor, including Mellon Square Park, Carnegie Library Downtown Branch, Port Authority’s Service Center, restaurants, and other distinctive uses.

Engagement goals include:

  • Confirming the initial vision previously developed with corridor-level stakeholders; and
  • Identifying preferred materials (i.e., sidewalk, curb, pavement, transit infrastructure, etc.), a vision for transforming Mellon Square, and how best to accommodate loading and valet needs.

DOMI is initiating the full-depth reconstruction of the Smithfield Street corridor with the portion between Forbes Avenue and Sixth Avenue. This project will fully reconstruct the street and sidewalk, from building face to building face, and will include the following within its scope of work:

  • Full depth pavement reconstruction
  • Sidewalk and curb replacement
  • Sidewalk widening and curb realignment
  • Street Lighting upgrades
  • Signal updates
  • Storm system updates
  • Streetscaping
  • Vault investigation and repairs
  • Trolley track removal
  • Pavement markings
  • Associated miscellaneous construction

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