Install pedestrian and transit safety improvements, green infrastructure, and a mobility hub at the intersection of Centre Avenue and Craig Street.

  • Need to increase pedestrian safety, comfort, and access throughout Greater Oakland, focusing on intersection improvements at key locations.
  • We have heard resident interest in making sections of North Oakland more pedestrian-friendly.
  • Centre Avenue and Craig Street had two pedestrian crashes in 2018, and the corridors see a lot of truck and bus traffic that can create conflicts for pedestrians.

Improvements at this intersection include:

  • Curb extensions on the northside of Centre Avenue
  • Street trees and green infrastructure in new curb extensions
  • Relocate bus stop on Centre Avenue to the curb extension
  • Add mobility hub at the northeast corner (possible bikeshare station, scooter charging station, etc.)
  • Install new ADA curb ramps at the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection
  • Add leading pedestrian interval (LPI) to traffic signal

These improvements bring multiple safety and comfort benefits to pedestrians, transit riders, and drivers. These benefits are summarized below:

  • Curb extensions reduce crossing distance for people walking across Centre Avenue.
  • Street trees and green infrastructure create a more pleasant streetscape and help with stormwater management as well as provide shading.
  • Relocating the bus stop to the curb extension allows the bus to stop without leaving the travel lane, which reduces delay by eliminating the need for the bus to leave and re-enter the travel lane.
  • A new mobility hub connects people to various modes of transportation at this intersection.
  • New ADA compliant curb ramps improves accessibility for people walking through the intersection.
  • A leading pedestrian interval allows people crossing the street time to begin crossing before opposing vehicles have a green light. This helps increase visibility of pedestrians.

Coordination is needed with PAAC and local businesses located at the intersection. There should also be engagement with neighboring residents and stakeholders.

Future study is needed to ensure that the curb extensions do not prohibit vehicles turning north onto Craig Street.

When to start: 3-5 years

Duration: 2 years

Estimated costs: $$ (out of $$$$)

Project lead(s): OBID

Project partner(s): PAAC

Potential funding source(s): City Capital Budget, grants

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